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In the insurance industry traditional structures are on their way to change… Plaut accompanies this transformation process in an integrated approach

Is it deregulation or again a change of paradigm, back to more regulation in the insurance markets? The insurance business is currently faced with many challenges: changing legal regulations, such as Solvency II and MaRisk (VA), value based and key figure driven management control, industrialisation and outsourcing, an increasing number of insurance mergers or the use of mobile technologies are just a few keywords describing this significant shift.

Is business strategy flexible enough to adapt to permanently changing market and customer requirements? Do business processes integrate strategy in the daily business? How can IT serve as support for the automation of business processes in an efficient and economic way? How should the corporate organisation develop to be prepared for tomorrow´s challenges?

Our consulting offer for insurances considers strategic, processual, organisational and technological aspects in an integrated approach – pragmatically from conception to implementation, on the basis of many industry references:

  • efficient Finance & Controlling solutions
  • solutions to ensure growth with regard to competition
  • Business Process Efficiency in insurance core processes
  • SAP industry solutions

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