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IT Controlling: cost allocation is out!

  • Does IT do what it is supposed to do?
  • Are you lost the “cost jungle” of your IT?
  • Do you want to identify the cost drivers of your IT?
  • Are you doubtful about the ROI of IT investments?
  • Do the business departments want to know the costs generated by the IT services they require?
  • Do you want to measure the efficiency of your IT or compare it with benchmarks?
  • Do you have compliance issues concerning re-charging of IT services between legal entities?

Plaut addresses these questions to make sure that you pay only for the IT services that you really need! We help you to assign known IT costs to the required IT services and their users, and to discover hidden IT costs. Precise service specifications (-> IT services, IT projects) as well as clear cost structures and responsibilities ensure that IT is managed efficiently, and that the resources employed yield the highest possible benefit for the company. This applies to the production and delivery of standardized IT services as well as the conduct of projects.


Your immediate benefits from IT Controlling implementation by

  • Alignment of IT with the needs of the business
  • Transparency of cost and benefits with respect to IT services
  • Allocation of IT resources according to entrepreneurial priorities
  • Cost awareness in the business departments and in the IT department
  • Fair re-charging of IT costs according to resource consumption
  • Increase of IT efficiency
  • Professional quality of IT services through a market-oriented customer-supplier-relationship
  • Process / cost accounting model compatible with ERP system standards requiring only moderate implementation effort


Achieve your goals quickly and reliably thanks to Plaut’s experience and proven methods!

In its IT Controlling model Plaut applies the proven concepts of the industrial production of goods and services to the provision of IT services. Those IT services, which can be precisely specified and standardized, are established as products of the IT organization originating from a structured, repeatable production process. The production costs of the IT services can therefore be calculated using the classical “work order” and “bill-of-materials” concepts, and the requisite processes can be found in most of the established ERP software packages. Thus the products and their related service level agreements (SLA) cover the economical part of IT service management as described by the ITIL process model.
In contrast, one-off and / or customer-specific IT services are defined as IT projects (possibly also IT orders, activities) to be managed according to the rules of project management or orders management. The entirety of all projects and orders makes up the IT program to be supervised by the IT management following strategic directives of the company management. (->IT Portfolio Management).

As a manager and / or IT user, define your concise requirements concerning IT! Plaut puts the dialogue with key users and business managers at the beginning of the concept development in order to derive the IT service catalogue from original business requirements. This in turn leads to operative IT requirements regarding management, organization, skills and technology. An co-ordinated implementation plan ensures that all changes identified as necessary are really put into effect.

The cost accounting processes of Plaut’s IT Controlling model (planning, service calculation, project billing, internal re-charging) are constructed in such a way that they can be implemented using only standard processes commonly found in ERP systems.

Plaut is able to provide IT Controlling project references from the following industries: utilities & waste management, media, financial services & insurance, retail, wholesale, IT service provider, engineering, process & raw materials, metals & automotive.

Shared Service Centers in line with the trend: Plaut has extended its proven IT Controlling model to cover the particular requirements of a Shared Service Center (SSC), which among other developments involved the inclusion of the Activity Based Costing concept. This economically and technologically attractive solution has already convinced industry leaders, e.g. in insurance and chemicals, who commissioned Plaut to equip their corporate SSCs with the IT Controlling solution using processes out of the SAP ERP standard.


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