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Business Process Management

The Plaut methodology regarding the quantitative process analysis and process optimisation has emerged from our 65-years tradition of business consulting. Our methodology has proved in numerous projects as a tool to increase added value at our customers.

Your direct benefit of a business process optimisation through Plaut:

  • saving of material and administrative costs
  • reduction of lead times
  • increase of degree of automation
  • improvement of service quality
  • measurability and benchmark ability of processes
  • process-oriented controlling & reporting

Plaut supports you at the efficient composition of your business processes through tightening up the organisation and improvement of IT support. You can thereby reduce the use of resources and increase the speed, reliability and quantity of procedures not only in production, but also in administration.

Through the measurement of the use of resources and the quality characteristics of processes we create an empirical database which makes quantitative analyses and comparisons possible; these are the basis for objective and comprehensible improvement measures. At that we base on industry-specific process maps of previous projects which we adjust to your company in the analysis stage. We place special value on the integration of your employees to reduce frictional losses and to improve job satisfaction: thanks to our methodology we can objectively evaluate improvement suggestions and make the effects of changes transparent.

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